The Jura is the place to hike in France

On horseback
The stables next to Chalets des Lacs give all horse-lovers, young and old, the opportunity to ride around the lake and elsewhere in the region.

By mountain-bike
There are mountain-bike rides for everyone around Lake Bonlieu, from 6-80 km, including touring the 4 lakes, the Hérisson valley, Lake Chalain, Lake Vouglans... so you can explore the countryside with its viewpoints and waterfalls.

On foot
There are marked trails and discovery walks suitable for all ages and abilities (1-10 km) around the lakes of Bonlieu, Clairvaux and Chalain, to Eagle Peak with its view over the four lakes, to the Hérisson falls... enabling you to discover the rich local heritage: the medicinal plants and flora of the lakes at Franois, a Comté dairy and traditional farming at St Maurice, the Mount Ogier forest trail at Orgelet, churches and chapels, fountains and communal washhouses, history and the industrial past... all are to be found in the vicinity of Chalets des Lacs.

Walkers, mountain-bikers and horse-riders each have their own paths across the Jura (including the GR5 and GR9 hiking trails) taking you up to 500 km across the Jura mountains, the Haut-Jura national park and into neighbouring Switzerland.
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